Saturday, 24 September 2016

Cadan Madak the Bounty Hunter

Having got rid of all my 15mm sci fi figures and scenery a couple of years ago, I've been tempted back into the fold by Nordic Weasel Games' Five Core and Five Parsecs from Home rules (both available from Wargame Vault). There are a number of excellent reviews of the rules elsewhere on the web so I won't bore you with my thoughts, other than the fact that I really like them.

So here is my first character - Cadan Madak the Bounty Hunter.

You can roll dice to create each character. However, I cheated a little. This guy looks like a bounty hunter to me so I decided that that would be his class. The rest of the results have been created by dice rolls:
Origin - Research outpost
Motivation - Revenge
Character Class - Bounty Hunter
Special Circumstances - Infiltration Unit
Talent - Infiltrator

So here's my take on him.

Orphaned at an early age (circumstances unknown), Cadan was transferred by Unity Administration to be a guineapig at an isolated research post where scientists were developing the black ops infiltration 'super soldiers'. However, mistakes were made in the enhancing and conditioning of some of their subjects, including Cadan.
In adolescence, he discovered more than he should have done about his origin and broke free. Now he seeks revenge on those who assigned him to the Unit but to survive he uses his skills in infiltration to operate as a bounty hunter.

Now I need to roll some more dice to recruit his travelling companions.

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