Monday, 26 September 2016

The Cast Gathers

Here are the figures I've painted so far.

Top left, we've got Unity Troops from GZG's Tomorrow War Brazilians. I like the way they seem to have a single eyepiece.
Next left, we have cultists from Khurasan. I can't find them on their website any longer.
Next left are security bots by from GZG. I think that they're meant to be 6mm mechs but they remind me a little of the security droid in Robocop.
Bottom left are 'civilian' droids from GZG.
Top right, we have Stalkers using Oddzial Osmy's Vampires. They are quite slight compared to GZG but I love the energy in the poses - just how I would picture people who can teleport.
Next right are a number of adventurers from a variety of manufacturers.
Next right are military types from GZG (can't remember the range) and Oddzial Osmy.
And bottom right are police types from Khurasan.

Sorry, I've just done a job-lot picture. You'll get close-ups when I have my first game which will hopefully happen by the middle of October.
I've got plenty still waiting for a lick of paint, including a number of aliens, but they will have to wait until after my first game.

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