Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Let Battle Commence

Playing this solo, I used dice rolls to lay out the scenery which, as you can see, rather messed up the Nomadic Orcs's initial deployment. And I used RRtK's rules for deploying the troops, classing the Nomadic Orcs as a 'B' type - mainly mounted and fast - and the Crusaders as an 'A' type - heavily reliant on melee troops albeit they're rubbish pilgrims!

Rolling for who would move first, the Nomadic Orcs got the upper hand and for the first go, decided to live dangerously for the command roll - got the maximum 8 and that was even forgetting that I could roll more than one die (I must withdraw myself from HotT mode!)

The Initial Layout
Angels and Crossbowmen on the Left Flank
Pilgrim Hordes with Abbott Crispin and Brother Equile

More Pilgrim Hordes with Brother Germaline
Knights and Crossbowmen on the Right Flank
The Orc Right Flank
The Orc Centre with Trollkin, Chieftain and Orc Nobles
More Orc Riders on the Left Flank
 Turn 1
Deciding to take the initiative, the Orc Chieftain ordered a general advance
and riders moved forward at a furious pace with the units on both flanks seeking to get around the sides of their enemy.

I decided to  go dangerous with all the units and all scores were average or above (why can't I roll like this when I play my son?). Lastly I moved the Chieftain - 3!

Taken aback by the enthusiasm of his troops, the chieftain decided to play it a little more cautiously.

The Crusaders' turn and the command roll is also good - 11 (again I forgot to roll more than one die...grr). This could be a short game.

Encouraged to see the Orcs moving forward to embrace their holy enlightenment, the Abbot also proclaims a general advance and the pilgrims singing the latest battle hymn rush headlong towards the centre of the enemy.

The crossbowmen also move forward and let fly with their bolts at the flanking Orc riders, hopefully softening up their ranks for the angels and knights. The crossbowmen on the right flank miss their target (dangerous roll of 2) but those on the left flank hit their much closer enemy (only 5" so default will suffice) throwing one unit into disorder. Seeing their opportunity to swoop down upon the shaken enemy the angel host cry out with a loud voice and edge forward (tried a charge move and rolled two 2's!). Meanwhile the Abbot and monks, being men of peace, followed the angels' example and moved forward just enough to show that "we're all in this together" (rolled two 1's and a 4 - might go for default in the next turn).

Turn 2
I decided to try default for the Nomadic Orcs so 4 command points - rally the unit hit by the crossbows (2 points) and charge (2 points). That's that for this go!
Angered by the crossbowmen, the Orc riders rallied and charged into their attackers and this time it is the crossbowmen's turn to be disordered (4 & 7 v 11).

Orc Riders Chanrge into the Crossbowman
I managed to remember the multiple dice roll and scored 10 for the Crusaders' command points.

The crossbowmen, not too happy about getting into hand-to-hand combat, rally and quickly disengage (5 cp) shouting to the angels "We've softened them up. They're all yours for the taking!" as the host passes overhead. The angels need no more prompting and this time sweep in for the kill (just making it!)  
The Angelic Host sweeps in for the kill

The fighting is intense but not surprisingly the riders go under the furious onslaught from above. What is surprising is that the angels also are destroyed. Oh dear! The angels' 3d4 get 1,2 & 4 but the Orcs' 1d10 also gets a 1. I wasn't expecting that!

Meanwhile the pilgrims, wanting their moment of glory (or martyrdom) continue to rush forward against the enemy but perhaps shaken by the departure of their supernatural allies fail to engage. Unbelieveable - 2 inches away and for my charge I roll two 1's!
Two 1's!
The abbot and the monks sensing unease in the ranks advance a little quicker this time to bolster up the ranks.
The Situation after Turn 2
 There will now be a short interlude while I go and do the weekly shopping. :)


  1. Good AAR and Great looking armies. Thanks for posting:-)


  2. Thanks, Jason.
    Unfortunately I ran out of time yesterday but I have a few days off next week so will finish the battle then.

  3. Interesting. You are using a combo of RRtK and Mayhem? Is that right? Not familiar with Mayhem.

    1. Hi Sean,
      I'm using Mayhem for the actual playing of the game but, as I'm playing solo, I introduced some of the mechanisms from RRtK for selecting the army, terrain lay out and deployment. Then it has been Mayhem all the way.
      I do like Mayhem. It gives you more variety than RRtK or HoTT and they are very reasonable.
      And when the author, Brent Spivey, updates the rules, you can just download the new version free of charge. Could you imagine a certain UK company trying that!

      I'll probably do a bit of a review at the end of the game but, in the meantime, you can read a much better BatRep and explanation of the rules at