Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Battle Continues

Turn 3
Encouraged by the angels demise the Orc Chieftain pushes forward with the attack (and rolls 5 command points). The two hordes of pilgrims that stalled in their charge against the Trollkin are cut off and vulnerable so the Trollkin charge them (I am assuming that that cost 1 cp for each unit as it is a charge rather than an advance). The fight was very one-sided and the Trollkins soon routed the pilgrims.

The Trollkin charge into the Pilgrim Hordes

I've decided to use default for the Trollkin, forcing the two pilgrim hordes to roll under 4 on d20's. Both fail (13 and 18) and are damaged and beaten back by 9 and 14 inches respectively, causing the latter to rout off the board completely while the former has 9 damage tokens placed on him. 

As the surviving pilgrims raced back the right flank Orc riders seized the opportunity and charged into the rear of the fleeing men, who fought bravely to protect their rear but they are no match. Not a hope really - the riders caused another damage token so the horde had to roll under 13 with ten dice...yeah right!

Riders charge into the rear of the pilgrim. No wonder Brother Equile throws his hands up in horror!

On the left flank two of the units of Orc riders charge into the remaining two pilgrim hordes causing more damage to them (both now have 5 damage dice on them) though they fight bravely on.

And the Orc Riders on the left flank charge into the remaining Pilgrim Hordes

Not disheartened by the minor setback, Abbot Crispin presses on with the attack. After all, just one saved soul is worth the martyrdom of millions (he is sure he has read that somewhere in the scriptures!)

The Crusaders get 11 cps which is going to keep them busy with their depleted numbers but now another pause while I put my son to bed. I hope to be back later today. OK I'm back but not for long.

The remaining pilgrim hordes continue the fight against the Orc Riders and have mixed results. One takes more damage and it is sufficient for it to be destroyed but the other manages to get the better of the orcs and throws them into disorder.

Meanwhile on the other flank the crossbowmen decide to take a shot at the Riders who are bearing down on them and perhaps their god is going to bless them after all as the flying bolts rip into the riders and their beasts (a natural 1!)

Sorry, Folks, I ran out of time today. We'll have to wait until next Thursday to discover if the Crusaders can make a miraculous comeback.


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