Thursday, 8 January 2015

Recruiting a New Army - Decisions, Decisions

Last  year I sold off my Animal Farm and Pirate Armies (see here) as they didn't really fit in with my others. Not surprisingly I have been thinking about creating another army for a while but what to do? So many figures, so little time!

I quite fancy doing one based on Black Hat's "not-Ewoks" Tolero at some stage, especially now that they do them mounted too. But not at the moment.

I could do with another human army but am still contemplating what type to go for - barbarian, peasant revolt, aztec, caveman (with various creatures).

In the end my mind has been made up by the Pendraken painting competition 2015. I've always liked the art of Brian Froud and have recently been very inspired by DeafNala's "Last Hurrah Project" on the Lead Adventurers Forum. So I am going to give it a go to create a "Froudian" army using Pendraken's 10mm Gnomes as a basis. The competition is only open for a month so I am going to start small with a couple of units and if they work out I will go for it big time.

Watch this space.


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