15mm Goblin/Orc Army

The Whole Army
Just like the Dwarves, every self-respecting fantasy wargamer needs a Goblin/Orc army as well. Right?
Again this is made up of figures from a mix of manufacturers.

The Hero General

A Demonworld Orc on a litter now available through Ral Partha Europe.
Orc Hordes

Pendraken 10mm Orcs. I've got lots of these.


These are from Magister Militum.
If you're wondering about the colour, don't worry so am I. I was experimenting with an ink wash and they turned a rather crimson colour (the photo doesn't do it justice) and I thought I'd stick with it.
That's the beauty of fantasy gaming: no one can tell me that trolls ain't crimson!

Goblin Riders

These are by Magister Militum too.

Beasts - Wolves

These are by Magister Militum too.

Winged Hero - a Balrog

The sword on this figure is a bit iffy but other than that I really like it.
It was originally by Table Top Figures but I can't find any evidence of anyone else producing it at present. I hope that they do one day.

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