Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Scouring (Hopefully) Continues

But just as Lorhan slows down, two more Night Orc Spearmen come into view, closing in rapidly on Multair.

Things are not looking too good - four enemy behind them, two in front of them [and the PEFs closing in. Though they have had a bit of luck in that the PEF that moved in close to the rear of Multair turned out to be Number 5 - reinforcements at last! And then the Test of Wills for Multair and the Orcs ends up with the same number of successes. Phew!]

Eorlith and Lorhan run to the aid of Multair and attack the two Orcs. Eorlith beheads his Orc but Lorhan's puts up a sterner fight.

Meanwhile four villagers burst out of their homes right into the midst of the Night Orcs who turn to attack them.

The results of the melees between the villagers and Orcs are mixed. One of the villagers takes out an Orc with his bow as it charges. Another thrusts his spear at the oncoming enemy but has his blow pushed aside by the Orc's shield and so begins a long fight as neither can find the telling blow to dispatch their foe. But a third villager is overwhelmed by the onslaught of the Orcs and wolf.

But now the tide starts to turn in favour of the Orcs. They overcome all of the villagers bar one who bravely continues to fight his foe. Eventually, though, exhausted he collapses and is speared.  

Realising that the odds are becoming too loaded against them, Eorlith and Lorhan take out one last Orc each and then beat a hasty retreat quickly, followed by Dulf and Multair.

They will have to come back another day, hopefully with more and better support.

Well I enjoyed the game even though it didn't turn out how I had hoped. Ironically the tables turned in favour of the Orcs when the villager reinforcements turned up because sunddenly all the PEFs came into line of sight and were activated. Before then the heroes were just about holding their own, killing off one PEF at a time.
Perhaps I had been a bit harsh on the villagers making them Rep 2. Rep 3 may have been more suited as they were protecting their homeland. However, I had reduced the Night Orcs to Rep 3 and not given them the Frenzy attribute as that is not my understanding of Orcs (I think that they were more driven by fear in stories like Lord of the Rings).
Oh well, Eorlith may  have to find an easier foe to fight.
[I seem to have the tune "Brave Sir Robin" from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" running in my head - can't think why!]


  1. At least they are alive to fight another day

  2. Great AAR, figures & terrain - love it!

  3. Great AAR! I'm happy to meet an other WHAA player. If you visit my blog you'll find stuff for WHAA (on the WHAA page of course).


    1. Cheers David.

      Nice blog.

      You do 5150:NB too, I see. I'd quite like to draw some of the ideas from that into WHAA.

  4. Great reports and models. What is your game board and it's dimensions?. I like your additions to WHAA. I'm hoping to game my campaign at some point, but I'm struggling to just put the figures out.

    1. Cheers Sean,
      Obviously I'm using 10mm figures so I've reduced the distances in the game, making 1" into 1cm.
      My board is made of self-adhesive 30cm square vinyl floor tiles. I got them from my local "99p Shop" - four for 99p, would you believe! The ones I got are pretty heavy so take quite a bit of knocking about.
      I then covered the back (sticky bit) of them with model railway grass mats. In the UK I found On Tracks to be the cheapest ( The roll has given me enough for six of the complete squares plus enough to make a couple with a river (though I have not made these yet.
      What problem are you having with the figures?

  5. Okay, so roughly 2' x 2' (sorry, us Americans can't process metric.) I need to source more things from my local 99 cent and $1 stores. I've thought about cutting a 3' x 3' (~ 90 cm square) mat from some railway grass mats. There has been something stopping e which I can't recall right now. I think I have a touch of ADD mixed with perfectionism so I don't stick with any idea long enough to bring it up to my own standard. I'm trying to let go and just game.

  6. Don't be too hard on yourself. I have had the rules and enough figures and scenery for ages but it has taken this long to get a game going.

    In the UK the grass mat comes in rolls and I found that it need the tiles to make sure it stayed flat.

    I look forward to seeing developments on your blog.

  7. Hi there! Cool blog! love the 10mm minis. I just met this game (through you) and I'm interested because I'm a 15mm mini painter, but I would like to use them a bit and dont waste them in my shelves. Is WH:AA difficult? is it easy to learn? Thanks in advance and keep posting cool minis,


    1. Hi Karlos,
      Thanks for your kind words. WH:AA is pretty easy to pick up.
      What I would suggest is that you download a copy of Chain Reaction:Swordplay by Two Hour Wargames. They use the same game mechanisms but in a more basic form and they are free. That should give you an idea of whether you like them or not.
      Here's the link:

      Best wishes