Monday, 12 March 2012

The Adventure Begins

Eurith and Lorhon are mercenaries.
Following a successful campaign in the Blarach-nalian army, they drop in at the Ragged Gauntle - a hostelry popular with rogues, adventurers and those with a sword to hire. There they are approached by Dulf, a young lad, who tells them that he has come to find help for his village, Or'eldi, but so far all his pleas have been ignored (probably because he has nothing to offer in payment for their services).
For several months now Or'eldi has suffered raids by Night Orcs. Many villagers have been carried away and much of their farmland has been destroyed. In desperation the villagers have sent several messengers to find help. Dulf has been the first one to make it through.
He promises that some of the villagers will join them once they see such mighty warriors arrive.
Eurith smiles at Lorhon, "Well, we've had a highly profitable season and we're at a loose end. I'm up for it."
Lorhon grins grimly, "It could be good sport."

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  1. Yeah, good sport. Go now there and kill some Night Orc sword fodder! :)