Saturday, 13 June 2015

Very Impressed!

A variety of stuff
I ordered some figures from Peter Pig at 9.14am yesterday and before 10.00am today they were delivered. Well done, Peter Pig and Royal Mail!
And in case you're wondering, I'm off on another tangent - hoping to convert them into post-apocalyptic figures for After the Horseman by Two Hour Wargames.
Now it will probably take months (years?) to convert and paint them!


  1. Hello- Sounds an interesting Project- Do like Your 15mm Dwarfs and Your 10mm Goblins- very well done indeed. I am just starting my NEW Project - if You care to take a look at the 15mm Project- here is my Link-
    Regards. KEV.

    1. Thanks, Kev.
      I look forward to seeing how your dwarves, etc develop.