15mm Animal Farm Army

The Whole Army
Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Except for the rats which are Pendraken, all the figures are from Museum Miniatures

I have now sold it.

The Heroes - Boxer and Snowball

Beasts - OK, they Should Be Sheep Dogs!

Fliers - a Flock of Geese

Hordes - Sheep
One of Many Warbands - a Mixture of Animals

Lurkers - Rats

One element I forgot to photo was the Behemoths - a small herd of cattle.


  1. Hiya, would you say the animals scale well against 18mm figures?

    1. Hi Michael
      I've sold the army some time ago so am doing this from memory but I would say that the animals are closer to true 15mm so may look a bit small against 18mm.