15mm Dwarf Army

Every fantasy wargamer one has got to have a dwarf army, haven't they!
The Whole Army

 So here is mine, made up almost entirely of figures from Magister Militum and Pendraken. Obviously the first range are 15mm and the second are 10mm but they seem to fit in well together.

Warband General


I've got loads of these so I won't bore you with all the pictures.




This is the one figure that isn't Pendraken or Magister Militum.
It's a 10mm Games Workshop dwarf bought in a job lot of stuff (I won't pay their normal silly prices!) 
I decided to use him because he is seriously smaller than all the rest. I decided that a hero would have to stand out from the rest of the crowd and normally for humans, it's by being bigger and hunkier but for dwarfs....

Flying Hero

A simple conversion - cut off a dwarf at the waist, stick him on an eagle and then model his lower torso and legs with Milliput.


I thought that my Flying Hero might be a bit vulnerable on his own.


  1. Hello- I do like Your Dwarfs - very well done indeed - I hope my 15mm Dwarfs turn out as well. Regards. KEV.

    1. Thanks, Kev, very kind of you to say so. :)