Thursday, 15 January 2015

Arrival of the Recruits

Pendraken Miniatures
Well, this morning the goodies arrived from Pendraken Miniatures. I only ordered them late last Thursday so well done, Dave, Leon and the other PM minions, for a speedy service yet again.

So here's what I've got to start the Froudian army off:-

FGN1 Gnomes with Swords
FGN2 Gnomes with Spears
FGN3 Gnomes with Lances (ruddy long spears)
AC38 Giant Owls

The Gnomes with Swords and Spears come in two varieties (one with shield and one without) while there there is just one version of the Gnome with Lance (see below).

 Like the Minotaurs I bought from Pendraken (see here) I plan to convert the Gnomes so that there is more variety. Obviously the poses of these small figures are far more compact than the Minotaurs so this is likely to be a bigger challenge but let's see how I get on. The head of the Gnome with Sword and no shield is nicely clear of clothing, weapons, etc so should give me the chance to copy its head with a bit of Oyumaru so that I can convert a few other figures into Gnomes

I was thinking of mounting a Gnome on each of the owls but I am not sure that the owls are big enough to convincingly take the weight of them. I might have a rethink on that one.

I have my day off tomorrow so hopefully I'll have an hour or two to have a play.

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