15mm Miscellaneous Elements

I'm sure that I'm not alone in saying that some figures just shout at me "You've gotta buy me!" and so I occasionally do, even though I have no plan what to do with them. I just need to paint them. I can always use them as a sort of mercenary if they don't fit into any of my armies and, who knows - one day an army might spring from them. So here they are:-
Barbarian Hero

This is from a character pack by Magister Militum - very Conan-esque.

A Giant...a Huge Giant

I think that this is probably the best Giant figure I have found and really looks the part against 15mm figures though his club does tend to get in the way a bit. In HotT he just counts as a behemoth and is based as such but at least he gets his own stats in Mayhem.

He's another AD&D plastic figure bought on eBay.

Here there be Dragon!

I've been wanting a dragon for ages but didn't want to splash out too much cash on it. I was tempted to buy an AD&D model but none of them quite did it for me. Then Reaper released their plastic Bones range and this beauty just suited me.
I confess - there are one or two others of that range which are tempting me.

You Shall Not Pass

This is a Pendraken 10mm Wizard but he is quite large so fits in well with my 15mm stuff.
Pendraken has since redesigned their wizard to make it more 10mm scale so if you want this version you need to ask for the original.


More Pendraken 10mm figures. These are Stingrays from their Dungeon Monster range.


 Pendraken 10mm Trolls which fit nicely as primitive tribesmen. They often support my Nomadic Orcs.

Wolfmen - Beasts

I bought these from East Riding Miniatures.

Water Lurker

This is I believe a head from Games Workshop's original Chaos Beast. I got it in a job lot and thought that it would make a good creature bursting out of a lake.


Another Chaos Beast's head used as a land-based lurker. I could just imagine Beowulf or some other hero warrior coming to face this as it emerged from its cave.

Barbarian Warband

These are Kallistra 10mm scale giants that do nicely as 15mm hunks. I picture them as berserkers.

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