Thursday, 14 February 2013

Oh, I Do I Love Pendraken Miniatures!

Sorry it's been rather quiet recently but I've been gradually working my way through my 10mm lead mountain (as well as adding to it) and nearly getting rid of all my 28mm stuff.

So why the subtitle?

Well, three reasons.

Firstly Pendraken Figures are ready good figures.

Secondly they are great fun to convert with just a little bit of Pro-Create, a pair of clippers and a file or two. The three scientists below are all conversions from their SCW and  WW2 ranges as is the Rocketeer.

The plain-clothes officer is another conversion (same guy as the Rocketeer), the inspector in the flat cap is just a repaint job of a SCW guy and the three constables are as they come.

The old guy on the left is from their recent WW2 Refugee packet but just shouted out "Professor Quatermass" etc.
The guy on the right is a jolly good chap who has had a cloak and face mask added in an attempt to make him look like The Shadow albeit with a shotgun rather than pistols.

And thrdly, the guys at Pendraken are so ruddy helpful and obliging. Their packs are extremely reasonable any way but they are more than happy to send individual figures and chop and change to suit your needs.
I have just sent what I thought was a pretty awkward request - a couple of complete packs but all the others were 5 of this, 10 of that, the crew of that but without the mortar, one of them, several of them but with x amount of officers. Hey presto! In less than two weeks they all arrived just as requested.
So thank you, Pendraken Miniatures!