Thursday, 22 March 2012

Meanwhile back at the Ragged Gauntlet...

Eorlith, Lorhan and Dorf are licking their wounds as they sup tankards of Barkeeper Blartur's ale. At the table also sits Multair, Or'eldi's cunning man, sipping his elderflower and nettle cordial.
"We must return to Or'eldi and rescue our people," Multair urges.
"What, and let those Orcs finish us off as well?" Eorlith retorts. "We need to find some more warriors to join us."
"And who is going to join you," the cunning man asks, "when you turned tail and left my people to die like a coward?"
"The man has a point!" acknowledges Lorhan.
[As the encounter is 'complete' I've rolled to see if/how the characters have advanced.
For Eorlith's Rep, I've rolled a 1 so it drops to 3. but I've managed to raise his Hardiness to 2. Because he did a 'runner' his social standing has dropped as well to 2.
Lorhan's Hardiness has also risen to 2 and Multair's Rep has gone to 3. Dorf has not changed.
Recruitment is going to hard. Also as Eaorlith's Rep has dropped, does Larhan's have to as well or can Lorhan take over star-ship? This could be a very short campaign]


  1. Short campaigns are a common theme in THW games. Looking forward to see where our heroes go next. I also took the plunge and bought Story cubes and Story cubes: actions yesterday.

  2. So am I, Sean. I'm hoping I will have a chance to do something this weekend.

  3. I never rolled for recruit. Instead I directly chose what I felt it was fine for the story or just the figures I had at hand.
    What I meant is that I never cheated in combat, but that I changed little things when needed for the sake of the campaign.
    Thus, if you feel you need two more warriors (actually you would need 3 more so you'll have 7 in total ;-) ) and that you can have them without surpassing your social level, go ahead and don't mind about recruit rolls. The same for encounters.
    I hope to see some action soon. Those Orcs need a leeson :)

    1. Thanks Javier. I think with my dice rolling I need a whole cohort!

  4. In one of your earlier posts you mentioned having more varied encounters - THW's Long Rifle campaign/encounters would fit nicely in to this game.

    1. Thanks, Kurt. I haven't got that set of rules - not too interested in that blackpowder period.
      Instead I'm going to get some ideas from LOA and 5150:NB

  5. Long rifle has a hunting encounter which would be nice to use as an encounter in WHAA.

    5150 NB has some usable ideas that I use in my ATZ campaign that I may use in a future WHAA campaign. You change the employment/jobs to "quests". That in itself could be several different types of new encounters for WHAA.

    Also the "Chillin" encounter in NB is sort of like your meet/recruit encounter in a fantasy game. So if you put these two elements together you can basically meet somebody and if he likes you he will pay you to go on a quest. It's a pretty cool mechanic in NB that can be used in almost any THW campaign.

    1. Thanks, Kurt. LOA has a hunting encounter as well plus an ambush.