15mm Crusader Army

This started off when I saw the Winged Barbarians by Kallistra. They looked far more like
The Whole Army
angels in breastplates so I decided to go for a Crusader-like army with a little celestial help.

The Rt Revd and His Minions - Clerics

These are from Donnington Miniatures' Original Range now available from Ancient and Modern Army Supplies. It's so handy to still be able to mind figures individually.

The Bishop's Hunting Dogs

Every Bishop has a hobby and I decided that this one likes hunting.

Love these dogs!
They're from East Riding Miniatures.

Angelic Fliers

As mentioned, these are from Kallistra and therefore are only 10mm in scale but I'm drawing from the definition from the satirical Church - English Dictionary by Wroe, Reith and Park:
"God's motorcycle couriers. No request from the Almighty turned down. Not human quite - not divine quite. Can get quite a few on a pinhead. Usually invisible, often turn up just when you need one - but you don't usually realise they were there until they aren't. (NB - some churches don't believe in them, others never think about them, some meet them for breakfast every Tuesday.)
[My italics!]

Crusader Hero

I felt the Crusaders needed a hero (with the strength of ten because his heart is pure) and the hero needed his trusty dog which was equally pure - no hunting for him (apart from the occasional cat).

The hero is a Mick Yarrow figure.

Crusader Knights

These are also from Donnington Miniatures Original range.


More Donnington Originals.

Hordes of Pilgrims

These are a mixture of Donnington and Museum Miniatures. Quite why they decided to bring their farming implements with them on their pilgrimage, goodness only knows!

More Pilgrims

I decided that the Crusaders needed a lot of fanatical pilgrim hordes.

And More Pilgrims

And Even More Pilgrims

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