15mm Chaos Army

The Whole Army

This is hopefully more with Michael Moorcock's idea of Chaos in mind, rather than the ridiculous creations of other manufacturers.

The figures come from a wide variety of manufacturers.

A Swarm or Horde of Minor Demons
These are actually 6mm sci-fi creatures by Dark Realm Miniatures - Skyth Leapers.

Behemoths - Greater Demons

These ones are plastic AD&D Miniatures Ettercaps bought via eBay.
Chaos Knights

These are from East Riding Miniatures.

Chaos Hero - Gaynor
Another figure from East Riding Miniatures...from their Baddie Character Pack.

Chaos Warriors Warband


These are Mountain Orcs from 15mm.co.uk15mm,co.uk - the old Table Top Figures - nice and chunky.

Chaos Flier

Another figure from AD&D plastic models. I can't remember what it's called.

God of Chaos

Yet another AD&D plastic model/

Chaos Horde

I am sure that I read in one of Moorcock;s books how human beings affected by Chaos became just masses of ever-changing amorphous blobs so here is one.
It's again from East Riding Miniatures. They no longer feature it on the website but I found that if you contact them they will be happy to supply you with more. I believe its official name is earth or swamp creature.

Having done one Chaos Horde I felt the army needed more but they were ever-changing they could hardly look the same so I knocked up the rest myself using Milliput, wire, the odd figure and various other bits and bobs.

They are hardly going to win any sculpting prizes but I had fun!