10mm Fantasy Gallery

Chaos Creatures by East Riding Miniatures

Earth Elementals (bought from East Riding Miniatures but I can't remember what they are)

Demon (a cheap plastic figure I picked up at Center Parcs in the Netherlands)

Giant Apes from 15mm.co.uk

Pendraken Biting Oozes

Pendraken Boulder Elementals

Deadly Pudding

A GW Familiar which I got cheap (I wouldn't pay their prices!)

A East Riding Miniatures Ghoul

Pendraken Entangler Plants

Pendraken Eroders

Pendraken Evil Trappers (not sure about either colour schemes)

Pendraken Manticores - absolutely beautiful figures

 Horrible Tentacled Creatures - I am not sure if these are for sale by Pendraken or not. I actually sculpted the figure for their competition and Leon kindly made three copies for me but it is not currently featured on their website.

 Pendraken Dwarves

Pendraken Giant on the right. The Cyclops on the left is also sculpted by me for the aforesaid competition but didn't get anywhere. I'm pretty pleased with the painted result.

Eagle by Irregular Miniatures. I think that it is meant to be 6mm scale but easily fits for 10mm

 Pendraken Corpse Crawlers

Pendraken Gargoyles

Flying Skull - the head of a Reaper Necromancer's Staff which broke off - waste not, want not!

GW Snakes bought cheap off eBay

 Pendraken Wood Elf Cavalry

 Pendraken Wood Elf Infantry

 Some Pendraken Characters

 Museum Miniatures Geese - You never know when you might need them

Pendraken Renegade Elves - Very Robin Hood!

Some more Pendraken Characters

 Scorpion People from East Riding Miniatures

Living Statue and another Giant - both 28mm scale really and I believe by Grenadier - bought very cheaply in a bargain bucket at an exhibition

Pendraken Ghouls

Pendraken Unicorns

 Pendraken Owls

Beastman from 15mm.co.uk Lazerburn Range

Goodness knows what these are but I got them from East Riding Miniatures

Dragon-like creature also obtained from 15mm.co.uk Lazerburn

 Pendraken Spider

 Pendraken Minotaurs some converted by me
Pendraken Dinosaurs - actually the mounts from the Dark Elves

Pendraken Giant Grub

 East Riding Miniatures Prehistoric-looking thingy

Pendraken Tentacled Behemoths

Dinosaurs - can't remember where I got these

Giant Slugs now available from Black Hat Miniatures (I think)

Pendraken Skeletons

 Pendraken Zombies

 Pendraken Barbarians

Reaper Fire Beetles
Pendraken Floating Squids

Peter Pig 15mm Fantasy Eunuchs painted up as Genies (a la Disney!)

Pendraken Goblins

Demonworld 15mm Minor Demons

 Pendraken Lurkers

 East Riding Miniatures Swamp Monsters

 Pendraken Oracles

 Pendraken Orcs

 15mm.co.uk Lazerburn Dragon Creatures

 Pendraken Shamblers

 Pendraken Oozes

 Pendraken Spirits

 Pendraken Stingrays

 Pendraken Trolls

 Pendraken Tunnellers
 A bit cut of a GW wizard's hand holding a bottle - I thought it looked like some sort of vapour creature

Pendraken Watchers

 Pendraken Wraiths - they only make one pose (the middle one) but they are easily convertible

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