15mm Undead Army

The Whole Army
Another "must-have" army and another mixture of manufacturers.

Necromancer Magic User General

The Necromancer is Magister Militum (I think it's meant to be an elf). And the creature in the background, I believe, is the familiar for the 28mmm Reaper 02826 Terezina figure (obtainable in the UK from Miniature Figurines).

Winged Hero - Wraith on Fell Beast

Available from 15mm.co.uk.

Behemoth 1 - Bone Giant

Another AD&D plastic model.

Behemoth 2 - Zombie Giant

Yet another AD&D model. I think that this is meant to be a ghoul but at 28mm scale it does a good undead giant.

Hordes of Tormented Spirits

These are from Kallistra.

Undead Blades

Also from 15mm.co.uk.
No sure about the colour scheme, to be honest.

Undead Knights

East Riding Miniatures' Vampire Knights.


I believe that these are Pendraken 10mm Giants Spiders. I've tried to make it look as though they have skull markings on their abdomen. I'll let you be judge as to whether I have succeeded.

More Lurkers

This time 15mm.co.uk's ghouls coming out of a grave.

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