Friday, 16 March 2012

The Village of Or'eldi

Here's the set up for the game which I hope I will be able to play tomorrow.

You can see the three heroes at the end of the road on the left and some of the potential enemy and reinforcements on the white paper.

The ten 20mm square bases are the PEFs for the game. I know that the rules say that I should start with three but my thought was that the Night Orcs would be surrounding the village by being in small clusters.
Each one of the 20mm squares has a magnetic square on the underneath with the numbers 1-10 on them so that you don't have to stop the game to discover how many are in the PEF. That has already been sorted out in advance. It's an idea I picked up some time back from Terragenesis, I think.

There are five villagers who are potential reinforcements all with a CV1 so the total CV of the heroes is 11. I decided to make the Night Orc CV a little higher. So then I created the make-up of each of the ten PEFs.
  1. False alarm
  2. Night Orc Spearman and Wolf 
  3. Night Orc Spearman and Wolf
  4. Night Orc Spearman with Shield and Night Orc Spearman
  5. Villagers pluck up courage and join the fight.
  6. Night Orc Spearman with Shield and Wolf
  7. Night Orc Archer and Night Ork Spearman with Shield
  8. Night Orc Spearman with Shield and Night Orc Spearman
  9. An incident happens - roll a story cube (well, I had to get my new toys in somewhere)
  10. Night Orc Spearman with Shield and Wolf
I think I am ready.


  1. Yes, ready you are so what are you waiting for?
    We want blood spilled now! ;-)

    1. Patience, my friend. 80)
      There is the small thing of a wife and family to cater for and Friday evenings are busy with church stuff.
      I might get a turn or two in but that is it.