Monday, 12 March 2012


Welcome to my second attempt at blogging. My first attempt lasted a year in which I only posted once and that was to ask for readers to be patient. I am hoping that this time I will do better than that!
My initial aim is to chart my progress using my 10mm wargame figures (mostly from Pendraken but with a few odds and ends as well) and Two Hour Wargames' (2HW) "Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures" which I think are the best set of rules for fatasy skirmishes, especially if, like me, most of your gaming is solo.
Having said that, I am not entirely happy with the rules so will be creating my own setting with a less simplistic alignment, developing the character creation rules and redefining some of the creatures and other races.
Coming soon, The Relief of Or'eldi.
[Well, that's already more than I have ever posted before - result!]


  1. WHAA in 10mm, yay!
    I'm waiting :)

  2. Good grief, that was quick - I haven't even stuck the blog on Pendraken's Forum yet! 80)
    You're one of my big inspirations. I've had the rules, figures and scenery for some time but never got round to playing with them (life can be quite busy at home) but I have thoroughly enjoyed Einar's adventures and so have wanted to give it a go.
    I hope that I can live up to the standard you've set.

  3. You flatter me :)
    Just use your imagination and the rules will do the rest.
    Encounter rarely last more than one hour and 10mm use small space, so grab some figures and get some playing. I already made the popcorn ;-)

  4. I better get going then. I would hate for your popcorn to go stale!