Wednesday, 14 March 2012

An Aid to Creativity

When it comes to quests for my heroes, WHAA only really offers three basic ideas:
  • Recover an item
  • Destroy someone or something
  • Rescue a person
I am sure that there should be more than just those three and spotted these on Solo Nexus' blog:

Rory's Story Cubes
The nine dice on the right are from the basic set while the ones on the left are from the Voyages set. I should be able create lots of other types of quests with them as well as flesh out the three that WHAA gives.

And I know that I could simply have used a set of ordinary spotted dice in different colours or perhaps percentage dice but you have to agree that these look more fun. And I managed to get both sets on Amazon for £6.48 plus p&p so they weren't expensive.

Besides, we have a son who is on the autistic spectrum and who likes dice so we are hoping that we might be able to help him develop his imagination with them.


  1. Can you explain or give a link to how Rory's story cubes work, please?
    Also, I'd suggest you to check the Enquiry Table at

    1. Thanks for the reference to the Enquiry Table, Javier.
      The Story Cubes are actually an educational toy. Their website is and you find a few suggestions of their use on the website.
      However, Solo Nexus explains a bit more of their use in solo role-playing at and gives examples in his follow-up blogs.
      Personally, my thought is that when working on the next quest I will draw one of the dice by chance and roll it. I will then use my imagination to work out what sort of quest or event the die might indicate.
      Perhaps things will become clearer in my later blogs as I actually use them.

  2. Javier (Blacksmith) has some good variant WHAA quests and some other ideas that can expand the narrative on his blog site.

    1. Thanks Kurt

      I'll take a closer look.