Thursday, 20 September 2012

Solving the Housing Shortage

I thought that I needed a few more pre-fabs - we need at least a few people being able to afford proper housing rather than just shanties. I also need some sort of terminus and a civic building. So I put in an order for some more pattress boxes and blank plates - six one-gang and two two-gang.

If you live in the UK I can highly recommend Tool Station - cheapest I have found and if you spend £10 postage and packing is free and they get delivered express via Yodel. This lot cost just £8.49 for eight buildings.

I've got a busy weekend dropping siblings off at uni, etc so I'll have to wait until next week to get going on the pimping.

If only the UK housing shortage could be solved so easily!


  1. Look forward to seeing how you get on ;)


  2. Thanks for the nudge, Monty.
    I finished them last week. I'll try to get some photos up today or tomorrow.