Sunday, 24 November 2013

A Champion for my Minotaurs

I've got enough Pendraken Minotaurs to make quite a few warband bases and have a chieftain and shaman as characters but felt I needed a champion that looked a bit different from the others. All the Pendraken ones are based three poses so I thought that I'd do a bit of converting with an Ogre by the same company.
And voila!

Minotaur Champion
I used Oyumaru to make a mould of one of the other Minotaur's faces; then cast a new head with Procreate. Having removed the Ogres' head, I superglued the new Minotaur face on and then built it up with more Procreate with a bit of wire added to form the horns.

Now I just need to think about creating a standard bearer.


  1. Very impressive casting and converting. I'll have to look up this Oyumaru stuff.

    1. Thanks Sean.
      It's EXACTLY the same as what Cool Mini or Not call "Instant Mold" but sells a lot cheaper. You can find it on eBay.

  2. A very tidy conversion, particularly given the scale.

    1. Thanks, Gareth,
      Personally I find it easier to convert 10mm than I do 28mm. The lack of size hides a multitude of sins.