Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Armies Draw Up Their Lines

The Battlefield
Well, the terrain is laid out and the figures are deployed using WHAA's rules again.

The Chaos Army
The Chaos Army looks pretty small compared to the Crusaders.
The Crusaders

From top to bottom, you've got the mounted Chaos Knights, the Mass of Chaos with the Major Demons behind it/them, the unit of Large Demons and then the Chaos Warriors with Kronos the Champion behind them.

 Here you have Brother Equile and the Crossbowmen on the hill (far enough away from the Abbot that his sensitive nose won't pick up the smell of swine), two Hordes of Peasants encouraged by Brother Germaline, two units of Spearmen, the Abbot, three more Hordes and finally two units of mounted Knights.

Now it is just a matter of time. Battle needs to be commenced and concluded soon. The lads will soon be back for Christmas and will be invading every spare space we have, including my wargame room (it's actually one of their bedrooms!)

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