Monday, 9 December 2013

Here There Be Dragons!

Well, there's one dragon.
Since starting HOTT in 15mm I have never found a dragon figure that met my requirements:
  • It must look convincing 
  • It must fit on the appropriate HoTT 15mm base
  • It must be pretty cheap.

I had toyed with AD&D Miniatures baby dragons but they looked too much like... well, like babies. Finally I found this:
Reaper Bones Young Fire Dragon with 15mm Spearmen

It's from Reaper's DHL Bones Plastic plastic range  and comes in at £2.76 from Miniature Heroes in the UK. I have read some comments about the plastic being too bendy on some websites but the figure worked just fine for me. I immersed the figure in boiling water for a wile so that I could lower the wings a little and then plunged it in cold water so that they stayed in place.It painted very easily.

Now I just need to decide what army to ally it with. But of course it will also fit in with Mayhem, RRtK and WHAA in 10mm.

BTW I can recommend Miniature Heroes too - quick delivery and first class customer service from Tim Fitch.

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