Friday, 8 June 2018

The End of the Journey

Close to the northern border, it looks as though the little band of heroes will reach safety or will they?

Move 9
Rodmar - more dice throwing- 2, 2 and 3. Reinforcements - two Orc Warriors appeared from the right flank. Monster Frenzy - all the Orcs homed in on the player characters. Even the Green Troll, though still too far away to be aware of them, managed to start travelling towards the heroes. Wandering Monster - yet another Orc Bruit appeared on the left flank. This is getting scary.

Jusius - 10, 12 and 13. He rushed towards escape.

Aldun - 14. He followed Jusius.

Oswyn - 16. So did he.

The End of Move 9 - Tension is growing!
Move 10
Rodmar - 2 and 9. Monster Frenzy - the Orc Brute closed in on him and attacked but again got beaten back - 1Hp. Horde Activates - the groups of five and two Orcs moved closer still. With dice throwing like this they could still catch the heroes.

Aldun - 9, 12 and 20. That's better! He attacked thr Orc Brute but took a wound -1Hp. He tried again and again was hit but managed to block it with his shield at last. He used the last two activations for further attacks and at last struck home, killing the Orc Brute.

Jusius - 1. Oh, come on! Reinforcements - another 5 Orc Warriors appeared. This time on the northern edge but fortunately a little way to the right of the band.

Oswyn - 18. He breathed a sigh of relief and rushed off the board.

End of Move 10 - Closing in

Move 11
Rodmar - 9 and 17. He searched the Orc Brute's body, finding 8 Sp, and then escaped.

Aldun - 4, 17. Monster Activates - the Green Troll moved round the bush but was still too far from the heroes to cause a problem. Aldun moved off the board.

Jurius - 10 and 11. And finally all of the band were off the board.

The end!

The Final Scene - the heroes gone but plenty of foes still on scene.

There you have it - the game over- and I haven't had as much fun on my own for a long, long time. There was real tension building as the game progressed and more enemy appeared. I think I was lucky that the Green Troll started off stuck in a corner and so didn't cause any problems. Perhaps that is why Andrea has a different way of deploying.

Next posting I'll do the Post Battle and Campaign Activities.


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